Weekly recap Questions of the Day. Week of June 20-24.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Questions of the Day and his responses. By way of reminder, here are the questions again.




Question of the Day #375

I work as an eye care practitioner in community practice. Sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate when I’m conducting an eye examination. Problems in my work or personal life come into my mind and I get distracted from what I’m doing or what the patient is saying. I’m worried about making a mistake. What should I do?


Question of the Day #376

I ' am an eye care practitioner with one community practice. I want to expand my practice by hiring more staff, buying more technology, building another consulting room and increasing marketing. I have a small team that has been working with me since I opened five years ago. I’m worried that these changes may upset my team and cause some of them to leave. How can I change my practice and keep my staff?



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